50 years of Photography and Design

Pamela Faye Smith aged 66 and a bit

I have been a photographer both professionally and as an amateur for over 50 years, I have been using Photoshop for many years. I have also designed websites using FrontPage, DreamWeaver and CSS.
I am able to use my hands in the making of furniture and designing things in and around the home and garden. More recently have been making my own jewelery. In my persuence of a BA (hons) Multimedia Interactive Design, I have been learning to use and apply many other applications Illustrator, Flash and ActionScript and DreamWeaver to name a few.
 I am pleased that I managed a 2.1 at the completion of my degree and I graduated in October 2009
I am lucky to have found some lovely places to work please check out my links.  They have given me a new lease of life


 Updated Last on 13th November 2014
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