I have been making Jewellery for about two years now, Starting by learning the basics at the Women's Centre Rhyl and then by selling my wares at the RhylCreate Gallery in the White Rose Centre Rhyl. 
From the early beginnings I am now specialising in paper beads and Shambhalla style Jewellery.
My Jewellery is made so that there are no fiddly clasps or connectors to find.  My Bracelets and Necklaces are either simple slip on or a bar type connector
Red Paper Bead Earrings
 Orange Bead and Paper Bead Necklace with Fan Pendant
Orange Bead and Paper Bead Earrings
Purple Twist Shambhalla Bracelet
Made for  my Sister
Simple Purple Earrings 
Made for  my Sister
Black Bead and Hematite Earrings 
Shambhalla Bracelet using glitter beads
Black, Gold and Pearl Earrings
Iridescent Magnetic Necklace
Blue and Gold Shambhalla Bracelet 
Made for  a Friend
Matching Orange Bead and Paper Bead Bracelets
Matching Purple Bracelet and Shambhalla
Made for  my Sister
Simple over the head purple necklace
Made for  my Sister
Three Coloured Twisted Shambhalla
Black, Gold & Pearl Bead
7 Strand "Cleopatra" Necklace
Purple Bead Bracelete
Black Hematite and Bead Set
Necklace, Earrings & Blacelet
Black & Gold Beads Earrings
Black Hematite Earrings
Brown Paper Bead and Pearl Set
Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings
Black Bead and Hematite Bracelet 
Red and Pink Bead Necklace
Brown Stone Necklace
Green Beads and Stone Bracelet
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